It is a complete course combined with psycho-spiritual personality development training
English Speaking Comprehensive Program - 6 Months
Basics of Grammar | Spoken Activities | Everyday Communication | Debates | G.Ds | Personality Development | Confidence | Psycho-spiritual Trainings

Spoken English Comprehensive Program

Do you know over 1.53 billion people are using English as their first language of communication?

English is internationally established

Your body language and presentation skills make you industry ready. If you have positive body language and good presentation skills, then you will be able to crack a lot of interviews in the industry in which you are looking for a job.
This is because the English language is currently spoken in about 67 different countries.

Treasure of job opportunities

One of the major requirements of joining any MNC around the globe is knowledge of written and spoken English. Even if your basic spoken English skills are impressive and you deliver your ideas with utmost confidence, the chances of joining your dream company are very high.

English is the need of the hour

In today's challenging world, it is important to keep up with the pace of the generation. Most of the applications, web pages, company portals, eCommerce websites, and even your favourite social media applications have UI based on the English language.

Open doors of international education

Every international university requires a basic to intermediate level of knowledge in spoken and written English.
Also, if you are in a new city, a new country, with people of different cultures and native languages, you can easily communicate with the native students with the help of the English language.

Be ready for the global platforms and reach your goals faster.

Join NIEL’s Spoken English Comprehensive Program today and mark the beginning of your success journey!

Going The NIEL Way

Blow the trumpet of your success around the globe!

Begin your journey of advanced spoken English with expert English-speaking trainers.

During this English-speaking course, you will be provided:

  • different speaking assignments
  • listening activities
  • a chance to participate in group discussions, and other interactive sessions.

This course will deal with overall personality development and boosting your confidence with the right skill set. You will get a personal trainer for the skills in which you require special assessment and assistance.

Get Started With Our Spoken English Comprehensive Program

Win over your clients and competitors with fluent and impressive English speaking skills!

Advanced English language training is the first step towards reaching your goal. Make learning English easier and more convenient by starting English language training from scratch.

The course combines the elements of basic spoken English and English fluency program by NIEL to provide you with desired industrial training.

Let your basic concepts of English be the strongest pillar of your professional career. Build understanding about vocabulary, pronunciation, communication skills, and other aspects in detail with the best English language trainers.

Highlights of Our Spoken English Comprehensive Program

Structured and schematic plan for success!

  • Training for verbal and non-verbal skills including body language, humour, and behaviour
  • Workshops to enhance presentation skills along with boosting confidence
  • 180 or 120 hours of integrated course for learning advanced English speaking skills
  • Regular mock tests and sessions to gain practical application of skills and concepts
  • Offline sessions with personal training by the experts
  • English speaking online course with pre-recorded lectures that you can watch anytime and anywhere

Spoken English Comprehensive Program

Get personal training and precise guidance to enhance your personal interview skills on each step!

To ensure that the foundation of your language is strong, the course includes a module to make you well-versed with the basics of grammar. This module of the course covers basic concepts like better sentence formation, learning basic vocabulary, and preparing a self-introduction for an interview.

To improve spoken English, this module deals with making you more fluent in everyday communication and equips you with situational English speaking skills. With multiple fluency-building exercises like group discussions and extempores, this module includes building your vocabulary and confidence.

To enhance your overall personality, this module of the advanced spoken English course deals with basic business vocabulary and etiquettes that you need to know. It helps you to be more confident in speaking and presenting yourself in public.

To make you more confident and fluent in speaking publicly, this module of the course focuses on developing your verbal and non-verbal communication skills. With spoken English gurus, you can enhance your communication and vocabulary that will help you address the audience in a better way.

Spoken English Comprehensive Program Methodology

We cover A-Z of your English training

Various steps are followed by our experts to ensure that you learn all the concepts efficiently.

  • Designing your training course based on your needs
  • Understanding steps to comprehend the concepts.
  • Regular evaluations will be done to analyze your growth and understanding pattern.
  • Changes in the module as required
Basics of Grammar
  • Self Introduction
  • Basic Vocabulary
  • Sentence Structure
Spoken Activities
  • Everyday Communication
  • Situational English
  • Extempore & Group Discussion
  • Role Plays
  • Conversation on different Topics
  • Debates
Personality Development & Public Speaking
  • Killing nervousness & developing confidence
  • Overcome Hesitation
  • Presentation Skills
  • Verbal Skills, Vocal Skills, & Body Language
  • Group Discussions
  • Business Communication
  • Telephonic Communication
  • Psyco-spiritual Trainings
  • Interview Skills.
Take your English to the next height

Take your English to the next height

The right training for the right purpose

Our well-trained experts ensure that you understand the concepts and apply the same efficiently for different purposes.

With regular sessions of audio and video module learning, you can become a pro at spoken English in no time.

Even students who have travelled across the globe to join their dream universities require a middle ground while communicating with their peers.

Skills you will get from our Spoken English Comprehensive Program

Personality development aspects
Vocal skills with speech and listening training
Motivational and convincing approaches
Excellent presentation skills
Time and stress management in real-time problems

Trained and driven professional trainers at NEIL ensure that you build a strong foundation for a prosperous tomorrow with the right skill in your pocket. Level up your skills today!

How can NIEL help?

Top-notch English training sessions for all!

Training For All

Age does not matter when it comes to learning. NIEL offers the best spoken English classes that are suitable for all. With our unique and advanced training approach, we ensure that the requirements of each student is fulfilled and every student is benefitted from the course.

Access To Recorded Sessions

In case you are unable to attend the physical classes provided by our experts, you can always access our online spoken English classes. These classes are always updated by our experts and are available for everyone.

Learn From The Experts

To ensure that you are getting industry-specific training, our experts design a curriculum that meets your needs. Our experts provide you with their training lessons and study material that you can access in the future as well.

Get Personalized Feedbacks

To analyse your growth and performance, our experts provide you with personalized feedback sessions. These sessions will help you analyse your strengths and weaknesses and improve in that area.

Achieve your goals with confidence and an impressive personality. Bring the change you always desired, get English training today, and live a confident life ahead!

frequently asked questions

You must always choose a course that fits best to your needs. If you are looking for online spoken English course, you can also watch and learn from the recorded sessions available with NIEL.

To learn spoken English, you will have to start with learning basic grammar and sentence formations. However, if you are not able to do it on yourself, you can also enrol in NIEL advanced spoken English course and learn from the scratch.

To improve spoken English, you can start communicating in English with your peers or start reading and writing in English. Also, you can try using various online tests available to check your language.

You can attend the NIEL spoken English classes at our center in Faridabad.

The spoken English course will help you enhance your grammar and presentation skills.

You can complete the course in 6 months or 4 months depending on your capabilities.

Yes, to learn spoken English vocabulary online, you can access the recorded sessions by the experts.

Enrolling in a spoken English course is important if you wish to speak more confidently and fluently in public.

Every student who will complete their course with NIEL will get a completion certificate.

To get enrolled in the Spoken English course, you will have to reach out to the team. The team will guide you through and suggest a suitable course.