Become A Confident, Compelling Speaker
Public Speaking Course
Overcome stage anxiety
Get rid of fear & shyness
Self-confidence & positive attitude delivery

Public Speaking program

Express yourself in front of a crowd like a pro!

It is the key to communicate with a huge number of people without fear or hesitation of addressing a mob. If communicating with a crowd or a large number of people is not your strong suit, public Speaking programs can help you. Other than that, public speaking courses will help you in various aspects of personality building and gathering the courage you need.

To deliver Motivational speeches

Every word should come out confidently Do you know you can transform the way youth looks at the world with a single motivational speech? Your optimistic approach toward different concepts of life can change the point of view of your listeners. This will only be possible with the right public Speaking skills. With these skills, you will acquire knowledge of how you can showcase your ideas in an organized and presentable manner.

Win over clients during board meetings

Get your goals by winning over the clients Are you worried about the broad meetings that you might get anxious about addressing a room full of people? This will not be the case once you get your public Speaking course done by the experts. Gain ideas and confidence in how you can express your ideas, creative skills, models, and much more to your clients to win them over.

Enhance leadership skills

Be an inspiring leader After all, who doesn't need a confident and well-spoken leader for their improvement? Developing public speaking skills can help you enhance your leadership skills.

Widen your social circle

Get acquainted with the influential contacts Your social circle says a lot about you. Build a strong contact network through appropriate public Speaking and behavioral skills. You can easily upgrade your self-confidence with the right tricks!

Leave an everlasting impression on your peers.

Learn the industry-needed Public Speaking Program experts-led courses designed for you!

Going The NIEL Way

Gain technical assistance from the experts!

  • Avail detailed and well-structured public Speaking program for different professional individuals at NIEL.
  • From struggling teenagers to adults who feel shy in front of a mob, NIEL experts ensure quality training for all.
  • NIEL offers you the flexibility of taking online and offline public speaking classes at your convenience.
  • Experienced and driven trainers provide in-depth knowledge about every aspect of public Speaking skills.
Get Started With our Public Speaking Program

Deliver quality speech with the right words!

Your public speaking skills can help you turn your heads around and attract various individuals. The right approach and optimistic views toward concepts can help you impress your peers.

NIEL offers you the best trainers to make learning fun and exciting for you. With the right guidance, you can learn different aspects of public speaking.

Public speaking classes at NIEL also help you to express your thoughts and exhibit your skills out loud in a mob.

Get the confidence to interact with different individuals around the globe!

Highlights of our Public Speaking Program

State your facts and figures confidently

  • An integrated three months course with in-depth knowledge of public Speaking
  • Interactive sessions to boost confidence and evaluate concept learnings
  • Offline classes and online recorded lessons for all age groups and professionals
  • Regular speech sessions to improve impromptu speech skills and presentations

Public Speaking Program

Leave no stone unturned with NIEL’s online public speaking course curriculum!

Does the mere thought of climbing up on the stage to share your views leave a shear strain on your spine? Get guidance from the experts and overcome your stage fear with our regular interactive sessions

Be your best self with the right attitude and confidence. We help you develop an optimistic approach in life with a positive attitude towards your hurdles. Learn with laughter and fun with our experts. We hold various fun activities like role-playing, exercising, games, and much more to enhance your public speaking skills.

From rhyming to forming strong sentences, and mapping various processes, we help you in your overall public speaking development.

Our experts provide you with various assignments to analyze how well you have grasped the concepts during the sessions. To make sure you leave the sessions without any doubt in your mind, you will be given time to ask questions and seek solutions for your queries after each session.

Public Speaking Program Methodology

Be a people person with excellent public speaking skills.

  • During the course, you will be given insights into what is public speaking
  • Learn various tips and tricks to confidently address your colleagues, students, and other individuals.
  • With the help of audio and video aids, various aspects of public speaking will be delivered to you
  • Self-confidence booster techniques in different sessions with appropriate application.
  • Once you complete your informative sessions, you can ask your doubts and resolve your queries on the same day.
In this Workshop, you
  • Overcoming stage fear.
  • Removing fear & Shyness.
  • Building self confidence & +Ve Attitude.
  • Deliver effective speech & presentation.
  • Working on the USP of your speech.
  • Role Plays, demonstrations & Exercises.
  • Prepared/Impromptu speeches.
  • Memory Development: Rhyming, Shaping, Association, Repetition, Pictorial language, Mapping.
  • Use of Audio- Video aids.
  • Games & Activities related to topic.
  • Home-assignments.
  • Question-Answers at the end of every session.

Be your most confident self

Every individual carries a unique quality in their speech and way of thinking. Our experts ensure that we analyze your speech and enhance the special quality of your speech.

With regular assignments, games, and exercises we ensure that you recognize your unique speech quality and help you walk on the right path to enhance this skill.

Also, we prepare you for impromptu speeches. This ensures that you don't go blank or get anxious about what to speak whenever someone passes the mic to you!

Skills to learn from our Public Speaking Program

Smooth delivery skills for your speech and ideas
Analyzing pictorial components and mapping sentences before speaking
Presentation skills to ensure clear and effective delivery of your thoughts
Gaining self-confidence to start conversations and lead them appropriately with effective public speaking

Impressively deliver your thoughts and ideas with the right guidance.

Seek help from the experts, enroll today to kickstart your public speaking training.

How can NIEL help?

Steal the show with your public speaking skills and shine with your confidence!

Regular Interactive sessions

In the public speaking course delivered by experts at NIEL, we help you overcome every fear and public speaking shortcomings that you face while addressing strangers through our interactive sessions. Our regular speech sessions and interactive exercises help you in understanding and implementing your public speaking skills appropriately.

Recorded lessons

You can now get access to recorded lessons. Watch these sessions on the go, without disturbing your current schedule. If stage fear is the biggest reason for your low creative exposure, we help you explore the world with a stronger and more confident sight.

Experienced trainers

Over years of training under confident and shy students/professionals, our experts have developed a unique set of tips and tricks to overcome your public speaking fear and boost your self-confidence.

Backup classes

Missed an important session? Don't worry, NIEL experts will save the day for you. We offer backup classes on Saturdays to make sure that no student of ours falls back!

Convert your shyness to storming confidence and become a star!

Boost your confidence with accurate guidance and expert support!

Begin your journey of becoming a confident individual through offline or online public speaking courses today!

frequently asked questions

The public speaking course at NIEL is offered for 3 months with regular sessions

Each session will be held by the experts for about 4 hours with appropriate time for the Q&A session

The first step of this training will be to understand your shortcomings and provide you with a valid solution

We will help you develop a skill for delivering impromptu speeches without any hesitation

The motive of this training will be to boost your confidence and help you overcome your fears efficiently.

During regular sessions, our experts will give you real-time situations to develop appropriate skills.

During this course, 16 sessions will be held during 3 months with each session of 4 hours.

Our experts arrange backup classes for students every Saturday to ensure no concept is left untaught.

Yes, you can take online pre-recorded sessions for public speaking.

Our experts will create various assignments to evaluate your skills and observe your growth.