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IELTS Training Program

Over 140 countries and 10,000 institutions accept IELTS exams!

Learn IELTS Exam Pattern

Training for the IELTS exam gives you a better understanding of the format of the exam. With mock tests, you can experience how real-life exams are conducted and you learn to adjust well to the pressure.

Get A Recognized Certificate

IELTS certificate is recognised by many institutes and countries across the world. Therefore, getting a good score in IELTS opens up a lot of opportunities for you. So, get trained by the experts to fulfil your dream to visit or study abroad.

Become A Fluent Speaker

With IELTS training, you get to learn wider concepts of the English language like how to use idioms in your daily communication or how to pronounce a particular word in a specific version of English.

Get Analysis Of Your English Levels

With a trainer by your side, you can evaluate your current levels of English in a better and unbiased way. It gives you a better chance to improve and grow.

Practice for your upcoming IELTS test with multiple mock tests and practice sessions with experts!

Hurry Up! Enrol in the comprehensive IELTS Training Program to ace your exam with ease and perfection!

Going The NIEL Way

Interactive, Knowledgeable, And Fun Sessions!

NIEL experts conduct sessions which are

  • super interactive to ensure that each student can communicate with the trainer and take part in all the activities.
  • Reading, listening, speaking and writing modules
  • The team ensures to add a new thing each day to help the students grab more information without any pressure.
Get Started with Our IELTS Training Program

Your favourite university or destination awaits you!

If you have a dream of visiting abroad, studying abroad or working there, the very first thing you need is a good score on the IELTS exam. These exams are quite competitive and judge you more on your fluency and confidence.

Therefore, it can become a bit difficult to crack these exams without training. So, NIEL offers you a comprehensive IELTS course to train you to perform the best in the exam.

The trainers will conduct multiple doubt sessions and practice sessions to analyse your growth and ensure that you are learning!

Highlights of our IELTS Training Program

Listening, reading, writing and speaking; this course covers all!

  • Fluency in English
  • Writing skills to write persuasive and diplomatic essays
  • Get trained by the experts
  • Certification at the end of the course
  • Gain confidence to speak fluently
  • Basic grammar skills
  • Overall personality development

IELTS Training Program

Prepare for each section of an IELTS exam in detail!

To obtain a great IELTS listening score, NIEL provides you with complete training to enrich your listening skills.

With the help of different IELTS listening mock tests, the team will prepare you for attempting the listening section with ease.

To enable you to speak more confidently and fluently in front of the examiner, this module covers basic concepts of grammar and vocabulary.

Get well-trained to write multiple pieces of content in the correct format with this module of the course.

To read the given comprehensions fluently, the reading skill module equips you with the latest and correct pronunciations.

IELTS Training Program Methodology

Get enrolled in an IELTS training course in a few clicks!

The procedure to get enrolled in the IELTS course by NIEL is made simpler than ever.

  • Reach out to the team or send them an enquiry about the course.
  • Let the team know and understand your requirements and the exam that you are going to take.
  • The team will analyse your requirements and suggest a course.
  • Enrol in the course and start learning!


This course is for the students or jobseekers who want to go abroad. It is available for people who need to demonstrate their English language proficiency for specific purposes. There are two formats of IELTS to choose from depending on your needs. An IELTS score is a recognized measurement of English proficiency at over 1200 education facilities around the world. Government departments and business around the globe also require an IELTS score for employment or immigration.

Course Ware:

  • Free Books & CDs
  • Mock Tests

Take your IELTS exam to the next height

The IELTS course offered by NIEL provides you with the confidence to achieve your goals to immigrate abroad, study abroad and visit abroad.

The course teaches you the correct way to attempt all the modules of the exam. Trainers ensure that each student is well prepared and used to the exam pattern.

It prepares you mentally to take the pressure of the exam and still perform with whole confidence.

Regular analysis of your progress makes it easier for the experts to help you improve in the right direction and in a better way.

Skills you will get from IELTS Training Program

Ace your IELTS exam with confidence!

Fluency in English
Basic grammar skills
Reading comprehensions and answering skills
Writing emails, formal letters and articles
Spoken English course.

Start Learning IELTS From Us Now.

Register for the IELTS course and get access to unrestricted success in your IELTS exam!

Take the first step to getting into your favourite university or immigrating to your favourite country!

How can NIEL help?

Leverage the NIEL advantage to ace your IELTS exam!

Updated Curriculum

Our experts keep them updated with the changing and latest developments in the exam curriculum. Keeping those in mind, our team updates its curriculum to ensure that you get the knowledge as per the latest standards set by the authorities.

Qualified Faculty

The team has experience in handling multiple personalities and providing lessons as per the capabilities of a person. Backed by an experience of over 3 decades, the team is well-qualified to help you ace your exams with ease.

Well-Developed Course Structure

NIEL follows a pre-developed and structured approach to teaching the students. Our communicative approach ensures that each student takes full participation in classes and communicates their doubts with the team.

Weekly Practice Tests

You can now analyse your progress and current level of English each week through weekly practice tests. After the tests, get personalized feedback to perform better in the exam.

Prepare for your IELTS exam with a wide range of exam study material available especially curated by the experts!

Get ready to get a great IELTS score with NIEL’s IELTS course!

frequently asked questions

An IELTS exam consists of four modules which include listening, speaking, reading and writing. Generally, reading, writing and listening modules are covered in one paper and the speaking module is covered in the second paper.

Though the IELTS exam is easy to crack, some people may find it difficult to clear if they have not practised overhead. Getting used to the exam pattern and pressure plays an important role in the success of your exam.

Both the TOEFL and IELTS exams are used to understand your knowledge of the English language. TOEFL is accepted in multiple countries and universities. When it comes to the US, the TOEFL exam is preferred, whereas other countries prefer IELTS.

NIEL offers a 4-week and 6-week IELTS course depending on the module that you have chosen.

To prepare for your IELTS exam, choose NIEL’s IELTS course. The course prepares you for all the modules of the exam in a standardized and well-developed curriculum.

We would never suggest you take the IELTS exam without any preparation. If you wish to clear the exam with flying colours on the first attempt, it is a must to understand the IELTS exam pattern and train yourself accordingly.

Anybody who is above 16 years of age can apply for the IELTS exam. Candidates from all over the world are eligible for the exam.

If you are looking for a way to get trained for your IELTS exam by experts, NIEL is the perfect place for you. You can also IELTS online training through recorded sessions available.

If you wish to opt for IELTS online coaching, you can check out the videos present on NIEL’s website. These recorded sessions can help you improve your English levels at home.

The listening, reading and writing modules may take up to 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete whereas the speaking exam can take up to 20 minutes. The speaking exam is conducted separately.