Basic English-Speaking Course
Join our basic English speaking course & get fundamentals strong.

Basic English Program

About 378 million native and 743 non-native speakers speak English?

The English language dominates around the globe. Whether it is about getting a job or travelling abroad, English is used almost everywhere.

Global Language

With over 1.75 billion speakers in the world, English has become a global language. If you are not a fluent English speaker, communicating with other people would be difficult beyond words.

Wider Career Opportunities

With over 1.75 billion speakers in the world, English has become a global language. If you are not a fluent English speaker, communicating with other people would be difficult beyond words.

Internet’s Language

Though the internet can translate all the information in your language, no one can deny the fact that the primary language of the internet is English.

Builds Confidence

Perfect pronunciation, enhanced vocabulary and a strong understanding of Grammar give you the right confidence to stand tall and speak in public.

Learning English is easier than ever!

Beginning from basics to basic corporate etiquette, learn everything With our Basic Spoken English Course

Join the NIEL community to master English!

Going The NIEL Way

English learning experience for ensured results!

With NIEL’s spoken English for beginners course, get the best learning experience. English dominance has made it necessary for everyone to get a stronghold on the subject.

With Niel’s English speaking course for beginners, you can:

  • Become better at communicating with new people.
  • Become a better speaker in the corporate world and meetings.
  • A wide spectrum of job opportunities is open for you
Get Started With Our Basic Spoken English Course

Do you want to acquire good English speaking skills but not sure where to get started?

NIEL is the answer!

NIEL has been providing top-notch services to the people for over 29 years now. From faculty to management, everyone understands the requirements of each student and treats them in the best way!

Do you know what makes NIEL the best spoken English Institute?

It’s the determination and positive attitude of the team who believes that every student deserves the best to shine in today’s competitive world!

Highlights of Our Basic Spoken English Course

Well-developed course leading you towards your dream!

  • Learn to speak English Fluently.
  • Regular assignment to practice regularly
  • Mock tests to measure your potential and progress.
  • Perfect for people who wish to start a corporate life.
  • Comprehend others with better listening skills.
  • Enhance communication skills

Basic Spoken English Course

Course begins with the basics of grammar and vocabulary. This will help you get a strong hold on grammar and add new words and phrases to your vocabulary.

Start with basic words and phrases and incorporate them into your speaking skills to outshine others!

Become more confident when you speak in public. This section of the course will cover hosting, extempore and involve many confidence-building games.

NIEL’s spoken English course curriculum includes everyday communications, chat sessions, role plays, and topic discussions to enhance your communication skills.

Personality Development curriculum covers basic etiquette and manners of the corporate world, reform your gestures and postures and make your body language more professional. It deals with your inner world and equip you with all life skills such as stress management, confidence, positive attitude, leadership skills, life skills and so on!

Our Basic Spoken English Course Methodology

A standardised process to make you a leader!

NIEL follows a standard approach to work. Visit us or give us a call. We will help you choose the right course.

Team will analyse your current level of English and will give you an idea about the same. During your course, multiple doubt sessions will be conducted to ensure that you are having a smooth learning experience.

Basics of Grammar
  • Introduction to Communication
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Sentence Formatting
  • Expand Vocabulary
  • Development of reading skills
  • Correct pronunciation
Spoken English
  • Chatting Sessions
  • Discussion on Simple Topics
  • Everyday Communication
  • Art of Conversation
  • Role Plays

Personality Development
  • Manners & Etiquettes
  • Body Language
  • Self Management
  • Posture/ Gesture
Public Speaking Skills
  • Extempore
  • Hosting
  • Avoiding Mispronunciations
  • Confidence Building games & activities

Take Your English To The Next Height

This basic English speaking course is designed for those individuals who have studied or are studying in a Hindi medium institute or school. This course will be perfect for those who have a hard time understanding what the other person is saying.

Attain the knowledge of basic grammar concepts as well as develop personality to enter into the corporate world.

Beginning from the basics of communication to corporate manners and etiquette, the course unravels each concept in detail.

Learn English and become fluent in it. It will be worth every effort you will make towards developing your personality as a whole.

Skills You Will Get

The basic spoken English course is for all!

Introduction to communication
Working on pronunciations
Sentence building and formatting
Gestures and postures
Chatting sessions
Develop reading and writing skills

Level up your confidence and speak English in Public fluently!

With 100% practical training, train yourself to become a public speaker and enhance your communication skills in the right way!

Join NIEL’s best English speaking course to become fluent in English.

How can NIEL help?

Interactive, Fun And Immersive Way of Learning!

Analysis Of Current Level

The team will first analyse your current level of English and will then decide on a further course of action. NIEL offers English speaking classes for beginners who wish to become a pro!

Constant Interactions

Keeping the batches small, NIEL focuses on proper and constant interaction with each student. This gives everyone a chance to clear their doubts and gain additional knowledge.

Affordable Prices

Good learning does not have to always come at higher prices. At NIEL, you can now learn basic English at the most affordable prices.

90-Hour Course

Now you can become fluent in English in just 90 hours or 3 months. The course is designed to ensure that you are well-equipped with all the basic grammar and vocabulary of English and have the required confidence to speak it in public.

Do not let language become a barrier between you and your success. Register today in the basic spoken English course and become fluent in English.

Begin from your current level and become a star in Spoken English with a unique learning approach!

frequently asked questions

If you wish to learn English from scratch, start with learning basic grammar and vocabulary. You can also enrol in a spoken English for beginners course to get professional help and guidance to become fluent in English.

Yes, a basic English course would be beneficial especially for the ones who want to learn English from scratch.

To improve your English, you must incorporate it into your real life as well and start speaking and reading English. You can enrol in a Basic English-speaking course with NIEL to become more fluent and confident in speaking.

NIEL has been everyone’s best institute for spoken English because of the results that the team has provided. The flexible and personalised approach followed by each faculty has provided proven results and has changed the lives of many people.

We dont believe in making false claims as it takes time to learn everything. If you are looking to learn English from scratch, you can join English-speaking classes with NIEL and become fluent. So if you are ready to follow our methods, we can assure you of positive outcomes.

Well, the time you will take to learn English completely depends on your learning capacity. With NIEL easy spoken English courses, you can learn to speak English in a short span of time.

If you wish to learn English online with NIEL, you can access the recorded sessions of all the lectures. Mainly, NIEL operates in offline mode. So, if you want to interact more with the instructor and learn, you can enrol in offline classes.

No other language except your mother tongue can be learned without learning the grammar. However, acquiring any language does not necessarily mean following all the rigid grammar rules. Good hold on basic grammar will help you speak English fluently.

Enrol in the basic spoken English course by visiting the centre in Faridabad or you can simply send us an enquiry on the website. The team will call you back regarding the course.

Though we advise you not to skip any classes to achieve the best results. However, if you have missed a class, we provide you with recorded sessions to ensure continuous learning.