Become A Trainer Not Just A Teacher
English Trainer Training Course
English trainer training program is suitable for anyone who aims to become better at English Training or those who want to be an entrepreneur by opening their own institute.

English Teacher Training

Being a trainer is not easy!

Do you know there are various technical concepts and teaching techniques that you need to learn before claiming to be a tutor?
To become an impeccable teacher and impart knowledge to students, it is important to learn various aspects of teaching. After all, teaching and educating students is a very significant and promising job.
Well, there are various things to keep in mind including your soft skills, procedures, patterns of study, and others.

Enhanced student management skills

Management is an art! If a mere thought of a room full of notorious kids scares you or becomes a major hindrance between you and teaching, you need to learn student management skills. With the right management skills, you can easily manage different grades of students. Since you can not adapt the same approach for English teaching of a fifth grader to any ninth grader you need skills for management of students and their intellectual grading is significant for better results. Remember, every problem comes with its solution, you just have to find it!

Professional development

Globally more than 24 lakh teachers have completed teacher training programs! The teacher training program offers an additional advantage to the teachers who are looking forward to opening their tutorials or wish to reach students via online mode.

Learn modern techniques

Students are changing, and teaching techniques should too! Don’t you think that there is a huge difference between your generation of schooling and the one that is running today? With the changing era of students, teachers need to change their teaching techniques to engage the students.

Unlock business horizons

Tuition centers are the new trend in schooling For teaching and graduate students who wish to establish their tuition centers or create their teaching channel on YouTube, getting English teacher training is very important. It will serve as a new business opportunity for them!

Looking forward to making a fortune in private teaching?

English teacher training will help you achieve your goal. Register for the program today!

Going The NIEL Way

We provide training to make excellent trainers!

From providing English language training to communication skill training to feeding necessary skills, we cover everything in our course to help you become a certified trainer.

  • Become English teachers in the future
  • Initiate your career in personal English-speaking classes.
  • Learn various aspects of training, the latest techniques, advanced methods
  • Making you similar concepts that will help you to establish a foundation for your training center.
Getting Started

Begin your teaching career with NIEL experts!

Having a trained teacher helps the students to acquire knowledge in a much easier and more convenient format.

A teacher training program is important to ensure that you manage your students according to their academic intelligence and levels accurately.

With the help of in-depth teacher training, you can learn time management, asset management, and methods to train students efficiently in an entrepreneurial setup.

Course Highlights

From a trainee to a professional trainer, we build your path to success!

  • Detail-oriented teacher training course by experts
  • A 40 days course with 60 hours of trainer training sessions
  • Schematic and integrated curriculum to include different aspects
  • Experts with more than 10 years of experience in training
  • Offline interactive sessions with fully instructor-led sessions
  • Availability of online recorded sessions

Spoken English Course For All!

Get trained by experts to become a professional trainer with the best-in-class English training classes!

Develop a positive attitude!

Soft skills are very important to manage and monitor your students. Our curriculum offers you time management, stress management, and asset management. Also, we help you develop a positive attitude and optimistic approach while teaching English classes.

Learn each step of the training process!

From developing a design of study for the students to implementing the same, there are many other technical concepts involved. Learn the whole process stepwise to ensure a full proof training process for your students

Deliver what your students require to excel!

During this course, you will be given training sessions to analyze your students, develop the right delivery patterns, add games or activities to the schedule, and other important aspects. This will ensure that you keep your students engaged and hooked to the concepts easily.

It's all about a practical experience!

We provide you access to mock teaching sessions in which you can apply the learned concepts efficiently. With these in-house sessions, you will be able to observe your growth as well as boost your confidence.

Course Methodology

A planned route to success!

  • The first step toward becoming a trainer is to understand your audience and plan the English training classes accordingly.
  • Once your observatory sessions are over, you will be given the training to enhance your soft skills.
  • You will also be given a chance to attend mock English teaching sessions to evaluate your skills and learning
  • After completing the process, you will be awarded a certificate.

Take a step towards a brighter future with English training online!

With the English teacher training program, you can work on various technical and non-technical skills.

To ensure that every student you further train excels in their respective field, it is significant to get trained professionally and learn the latest techniques and trends!

Skills You Will Get

Time and stress management
Handling teams and managing students of different intellectual levels
Get excellent English communication skills training to communicate confidently and fluently.
An impressive body language with appropriate dress code techniques
Punctuality and discipline along with appropriate presentation skills

Be an expert trainer with the help of training experts!

Register yourself today for English speaking training and get geared up for training!

How can NIEL help?

Delivering excellent training for 29 years

Get trained by the trusted trainers

Our experts are trusted by various students spread around the globe. With the trust of trained students, we proudly stand amongst the top trainer training providers in Delhi NCR. With over two decades of delivering the best training services, NIEL is known for successful results!

Completely Instructor-led training

Interact with your instructors to get your doubts cleared on the spot. With every session, you will be given extra time by the trainer to discuss your queries and get satisfactory answers for all. You can also indulge yourself in interactive sessions to enhance your knowledge and boost your confidence. After all, at NIEL, it's all about complete training.

Integrated course

Complete your training in less than two months and start your training center/Institute. With this short-duration course, you can easily upskill yourself without the extra time investment. Complete your course within 60 hours throughout 40 days and start training young minds!

Get upskilled at minimum prices

No need to strain your pockets just because you want expert trainer's training. NIEL provides you access to industry experts with over a decade of experience in training at the most reasonable prices. You can now get the best prices for your teacher's training course at NIEL and start your English teaching and tutoring journey.

If shaping young minds is your career goal and a reason for personal satisfaction, get trained to be a professional trainer.

Begin English-spoken training on your own!

frequently asked questions

This program opens several opportunities for you to get your dream job as a trainer or start your center.

Getting an English language training and trainer's training will boost your chances of getting selected at the giant education centers or help you in initiating one

NIEL provides a budget-friendly teacher training program for all the aspirants

Yes, you can take a teacher training program after your graduation as well.

You can complete your program in 60 hours within 40 days.

Yes, you can easily get trainer training for English training online at NIEL.

Offline sessions for spoken English training with NIEL experts are held in Faridabad, Delhi.

Yes, you will be given training for practical skills with the help of mock sessions

NIEL offers recorded sessions of the teacher training program which you can watch with unlimited access.