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Interview & Group Discussion Skills Course Module
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Group Discussion Course

Almost 80% of companies incorporate group discussion sessions in their recruitment process!

Learn to generate ideas

In a group discussion, you can be given any topic. To attempt each topic on the basis of facts and generate group discussion ideas, it is better to get trained.

Improve analytical skills

Work smartly and analytically to get through a group discussion round by getting trained for the round from the experts. How you can analyse a given topic and find data around it is what most interviewers look for.

Analyse your mistakes

Getting feedback from the experts gives you a chance to improve your common mistakes. It gives you an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses so that you can improve it in real-life scenarios.

Enhance your communication skills

Speaking in public and in a group are different things. When you are talking in a group, you have to be considerate of what the other person is saying and revert accordingly. With proper training, you can learn the art of listening and communicating in a group.

Present yourself with polished personal interview skills and impress everyone around you!

Register today in the Group Discussion Course by NIEL to get through a GD round with ease!

Going The NIEL Way

Learn the basic and advanced skills of group discussion!

Learning group discussion skills makes it easy for you to become comfortable with the environment and pattern of the round. It gives you an edge over others and helps you stand out from the crowd.

NIEL’s group discussion course deals with:

  • enhancing your overall personality and communication skills.
  • Enables you to think more logically and state facts in your discussions.
  • Incorporating a sense of humour into your speeches
  • maintaining positivity.
Get Started With Our Group Discussion Course

Grow your personal interview skills personally and professionally in an organic way!

NIEL has been providing English speaking and personality development courses for over 3 decades now. With its unique and interactive approach, the team has made it more feasible and fun to learn!

Learning group discussion skills with NIEL gives you the opportunity to grow yourself both personally and professionally. The curriculum is designed to provide you with an insight into confidence-building skills, vision or goal orientation skills, and leadership skills.

With multiple mock tests, practical training and unbiased feedback, the team ensure that each student is learning in the best way possible.

Highlights of Our Group Discussion Course

Learn the dos and don’t of a group discussion in a structured way!

  • Ability to influence others
  • Reasoning Ability
  • Understand the types of group discussions
  • Generate data
  • Incorporating a sense of humour in your speeches in the right way.
  • Team building and participation.

Group Discussion Course

The ultimate way to master group discussion skills!

To ensure that you are speaking on facts and enhancing your reasoning power, this module of the course equips you with basic analytical skills and explains to you in detail how you can analyse data and generate facts.

Make a lasting impression on your jury with correct body language and personality. This module of the course deals with teaching you the right attitude and approach you need to carry out in a group discussion round.

To help you speak more fluently and without mumbling, the communication module of the course helps you to learn articulation and listening skills.

Impress your interviewer with your confidence. This module of the course helps you to learn how to stay motivated and active in your personality tests. It will help you channel your energy in the right direction.

Group Discussion Course Methodology

Begin your journey towards getting a better career with the right skills!

Based on your requirements and needs, NIEL offers a comprehensive group discussion course to help you land your dream job!

Do you know the best thing about the course? It's easy accessibility is the best thing. You can sign up for the course in just a few steps and start learning.

  • Get in touch with the support team via phone or email.
  • Communicate your needs and expectations with the team.
  • Choose a course that fits your needs.

Begin taking classes and take a step towards landing your dream job!

G.D & Interview Parameters

Quality of Content
  • Comprehension of core idea
  • Real life examples
  • Data generation
  • Reasonin
  • Attitude
  • Leadership
  • Influencing ability>
  • Rapport building
  • Participation
  • Team
  • Articulation
  • Fluency
  • Listening
  • Body language
  • Eye Contact
  • Motivation
  • Activeness
  • Energy
  • Sense of humor
Types Of G.Ds
  • Factual Topics
  • Controversial Topics
  • Abstract Topics
Vision /Goal Orientation
  • Driving towards issue resolution
  • Intelligent use of others’ content

Amplify Your Group Discussion Skills

Clearing a group discussion round is not as easy as it seems. The interviewer tests your multiple abilities at the same time. To stand out from others, a positive and professional approach is required.

NIEL offers a comprehensive and effective course to train you to attend any group discussion! At NIEL, multiple group discussion sessions are conducted and personal feedback is provided to help you improve.

From your body language to the tone of your voice, everything is given importance and is greatly appreciated!

Skills you will get from our Group Discussion Course

Motivation skills.
Goal or vision orientation
Rapport building skills
Participation skills
Leadership skills
Communication skills
Better body language

Start Learning Group Discussion From Us Now.

Enrich your skills to interact and communicate with your group by enrolling in the focus group discussion course by NIEL!

How can NIEL help?

Boost your personal interview skills with experts!

Free Demo Classes

To help you understand our teaching and learning possess, NIEL also offers demo classes on demand. These demo classes are only provided on demand for students.

Highly-Professional Trainers

To help you become a professional, NIEL has a team of only highly qualified and professional trainers. Our trainers have a good understanding of the corporate world and train our students in the same way to ensure their success and growth.

Well-Developed Study Material

Get access to a well-developed and well-designed curriculum by an expert team. Our team has put their best efforts into designing this curriculum to ensure that you can practice and learn without any issues.

Practical Training Methods

Learn to communicate and interact with your peers and colleagues in a better and more professional way. With the help of group discussion sessions conducted frequently, get comfortable with the pattern.

Get into the limelight in your group discussions with your effective communication skills!

Prepare for group discussion under the guidance of experts to win over your interviewer!

frequently asked questions

Group discussion is a method of communication between people from different or similar backgrounds who have the same purpose. This method is generally used in interviews to analyse the communication skills of all the candidates.

Group discussions are conducted to test some abilities and skills of an individual which will generally take a lot more time to be tested. Mostly, all the panellists look for communication skills in a candidate.

Generally, there are 3 types of group discussions. They are topical, abstract and based on case studies.

To prepare for group discussion, you can join NIEL’s group discussion course. With a perfect environment and competition, the team will equip you with the skills to win a group discussion.

Certainly! Most companies these days prefer group discussion in their interview process. This is generally done to analyse the positive attitude, thinking ability and communication skills.

To win a group discussion, you need to be well-equipped with certain personality skills like decision-making ability, conformation to norms, cooperation and non-verbal behaviour along with great communication skills.

To enrol in the NIEL course, you will have to contact the team via phone or email. The team will get back to you to share all the information about the course.

If you are looking for personalized assistance and focus group discussion preparations, you will have to join NIEL’s offline course. However, if you are not able to attend the physical classes, you can also check out the recorded sessions available.

You must choose NIEL if you wish to learn from the best industry experts. Backed by an experience of 29 years, the team is well-versed in all aspects to provide you with industry standards training.

To clear a group discussion, you must groom yourself accordingly. Also, always remember to carry a pen and paper to note down your points and remember to ask doubts beforehand if you have any.