4 hour Mind Programming Course
Goal Setting & Goal Getting
Goal Setting is a Powerful process for thinking about your ideal future.

Goal Setting & Getting Program

Having a goal in your mind will help you in achieving it. When you set a goal in your mind, then you start following and doing things that are right for achieving it. But what will happen if you have not set any goals? Will you be able to work according to it? No. A lot of people don’t set any goals because of a lack of proper guidance. Our mind programming session will help you in setting your goals in an effective way. Setting and Getting Goals is very important for achieving a good future.

Knowing About Your Life Goal

When you know how to set your goals, then you will be only able to know what will be good for your future which will help you in setting your life goal. However, it can be only done if you know Smart Goal Setting & Getting.

Clear Mind To What To Achieve

When you get to know how to set your goals, then you will get a clear mind about what to achieve in the future which will be going to be an advantage for you. It can be only done if the teenagers or students know about Smart Goal Settings.

Right Direction

A lot of teenagers get confused about the right direction. This is faced by teenagers who have not set their goals. However, it can be easily fixed if they set their goals for their ideal future.

Personal Satisfaction & Motivation

When you are working according to the goals that you have set, then you will feel personal satisfaction along with feeling motivated which will be very good for you and your future. As it tells that you are going in the right direction.

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Going The NIEL Way

A Smart Goal is Necessary For Your Ideal Future!

NIEL’s Personality Development Program offers a course to students through which they get to know about how to set goals.

By learning about smart goal setting, you will be able to make a better future.

  • Start every day with a positive mindset
  • Make your ideal future
  • Work on achieving your smart goals
  • Feel motivated every day
  • Personal Satisfaction
  • Get clarity in your decision making
  • Right Direction to your life
  • Healthier Life
Get Started With Our Goal Setting & Getting Program

Get Proper Guidance From Our Trainer For Smart Goal Setting!

Set your goals with the help of our trainers that are always available for the students who have enrolled themselves at NIEL.

We know that you might be thinking that how can anyone guide in goal setting and getting. Right?

But we have been doing it for more than 29 years at NEIL Personality Development Center with the help of our best trainers team.

We help the students by guiding them in the right direction for deciding what they want to achieve. Many teenagers face doubts about some goals, so at that time, we help them by telling them the fundamentals of setting goals through which they will be able to set their goals.

Now, you might be thinking that why should you enroll at NIEL for this program? We at NIEL have the best trainers for the program who will help you in the preparation of the Goal Setting Workbook.

We are on a mission to provide students with an environment where they can express themselves without any fear, and learn new skills through the course. We are on a journey to create a community of learners who value diversity and respect each other.

Highlights of our Goal Setting & Getting Program

A smart goal can only take you in the right direction!

  • Knowing What is Goal Settings
  • Learning Chunking Process
  • Get to know the steps of preparation for the Goal Setting Workbook
  • Learn about the Golden Rules of Goal Settings
  • Understanding Smart Goal Setting and Getting
  • Getting Clarity with Right Direction
  • Fundamentals of SWOT Analysis
  • Assignments for practice

Goal Setting & Getting Program

Know To Set Your Goals with Our Smart Goal Setting Mind Program

Our trainers will guide you in deciding what you should achieve. They will tell you the ways through which you will be able to make a decision that will be going to help you in making your ideal future.

We at NIEL Development Center will tell you the way that should you prepare a smart goal-setting workbook that will impact your future goals. By knowing the preparation of the goal-setting workbook, you will be able to work on different goals by completing them one by one.

There are some rules which are involved in the Goal Settings which are known as Golden Rules. Our trainers at NIEL Development Center will be teaching you every required information of it by which you will get all the fundamentals of Goal Settings & Goal Gettings.

Everyone knows about the SWOT analysis which is followed by the companies: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Through this, they get to know whether they will be able to make profits or not in the business. The same will be followed by us for the Smart Goal Setting & Getting.

Goal Setting & Getting Program Methodology

We have the Best Trainer to Help You Understand The Goal!

Students will not face any issues while enrolling in our Smart Goal Setting Mind Program.

  • Enroll in our platform by signing up.
  • Our team will contact you.
  • The trainers will assess you.
  • Your classes will be scheduled.
  • Assignments will be provided for your practice.


  • Deciding what you want to achieve.
  • SMART goals setting.
  • Golden Rules of Goal Setting.
  • SWOT Analysis.
  • Chunking Process.
  • Preparation of Goal Setting Workbook.
  • Self hypnosis for Goal getting.

Your Goals are Important For Your Future!

We at NIEL have designed the Smart Goal Setting Mind Program, especially for all groups of ages whether they are adults, students, teenagers, professionals, and job seekers.

We designed this course after a lot of discussions, meetings, and taking help from subject experts.

This course will cover every portion and topic which are necessary for you to understand Smart Goal Setting & Getting. Enroll now and see your potential goals.

Skills you will get from our Goal Setting & Getting Program

Understanding Chunking Process
Preparing Goal Setting Workbook
Knowing About Smart Goals Setting
Golden Rules of Goals Setting

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How can NIEL help?

Goal Defines Your Success!

Learning Different Skills

After completion of the course, you will get to see a lot of new and improved skills within yourself.

Doubt Solving

Our trainers make sure that every student has solved their doubts and they are not facing any problems with the new learnings of the course.

4 Hour Mind Program

We have designed this course in a way, so that, it will be completed in a minimum time and you will be able to start setting your goals quickly and start working to achieve them.
So, it will take around 4 hours to complete this course.

Preparation of Goal Setting Workbook

When you have completed the course, then you will be able to prepare your Goal Setting Workbook which will be based on the future goals based on SWOT Analysis. It will help you in creating a lot of opportunities in your life.

Know about your potential goals before it's too late!

Motivate yourself with the best-in-class goal setting program!

frequently asked questions

NIELs goal setting and goal getting course is basically of the four hours duration.

Setting your goals depends on different scenarios which are based on SWOT Analysis. So, you will have to do an in-depth SWOT analysis of the goal that you are thinking to set as your goal.

Start training yourself by setting a proper goal and work on achieving it. You will feel motivated when you will go in the right direction.

Don’t worry, we record every session during the ongoing course. So, in case you miss any class, we will help you catch it.

A goal that you have set to achieve in the near future for a better tomorrow.

A goal setting program will motivate you to achieve your goals by feeding you with the right knowledge and motivation.

The various techniques like SWOT analysis, SWOT goal setting and self-hypnosis is used to motivate the students.

The golden rules of goal setting describes the goals as specific, meaningful, measurable, relevant and achievable.

Yes, all the trainers at NIEL who offer training are industry-certified.

Don’t worry, we record every session during the ongoing course. So, you can easily get it from us.