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Who Are We?

Elevate Your English Language With The Right Course!

Standing tall as a fluent English speaker is the need of hour for both professionals and students!

Whether it is about getting a job, retaining a job or communicating in your personal life, a Spoken English course will be beneficial for you.

And that’s what NIEL Institute is all about! Established in 1993, NIELInstitute is serving people in every aspect. It has been helping a lot of students and professionals to learn English and develop their personalities through its Spoken English and personality development course.

NIEL offers multiple English courses for basic to advanced learners. You can also opt for a public speaking course if you often have to convey your thoughts in the public.

Choose to get trained by the English experts and choose to start their own career as a trainer!

We take your learning a notch higher. Wondering how?

NIEL also offers multiple recorded video sessions to help you learn English.

With A hybrid and professional approach, NIEL helps you make your dreams come true in the best possible way!

From corporate training to overall personality development, NIEL helps you reach the heights of success!

More About NIEL

More than 29 years have passed since its inception! We are providing English speaking and personality development courses to people from all walks of life. The campus ensures to provide high-quality knowledge at the best and most reasonable prices.

NIEL stands tall as the best institute in Faridabad and Delhi NCR for English-speaking courses because of its well-trained, professional, and eloquent instructors.

We shape the lives of many aspirants with our flexible and unique learning model. For people looking to transform themselves into corporate leaders and entrepreneurs, personality development courses at NIEL is all they need!

Our Mentors

Rajesh Rana
Founder of NIEL

Life is nothing but what we feel, what we think and what we believe


An educator, mind trainer, and motivator are adjectives that describe Mr Rajesh Raina; the founder of NIEL.

Starting his career as a personality trainer at the very young age of 19, Rajesh Raina has helped many people transform their personalities and achieve success in their lives.

With his unique personality and aura, he has found effective ways that actually work for people. He is also certified as an NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist and has a wide experience with multiple personality types and people.

He delivers training based on scientific research and evidence which is the result of his hard work, dedication and training under various renowned Educators, Saints and Yogis. He touched more than 2 lakh lives in the last 29 years through his motivational seminars.

Tisha Rana

To Impart priceless knowledge to all the students!


Tisha Rana is the director of the National Institute for English Language and a co-founder of Real Empowerment Institute.

In her career, she has trained a lot of personalities and guided them to lead a successful life.

She has always believed that everyone here is born to win and succeed in their lives. With this mindset, she has been training a lot of people. She focuses on removing all the negative thoughts from people’s brains and giving them hope to succeed in their lives.

She is bringing new innovations and making the teaching and learning process easier for one and all. Activities conducted by Tisha Mam are dynamic and result-oriented. Her training methodologies are loved and appreciated by both staff and students.

Partnering With NIEL

Courses to make you industry-ready!

The outcomes are what matters the most!

Do not let your training hours go in vain. NIEL ensures to design the curriculum in a way that each student can make the maximum out of this course and achieve the desired results.

A disciplined and professional approach to make you a leader!

With a team of trained and experienced teachers and disciplined students, the surroundings have been made professional. The cooperative and well-behaved staff ensures a positive learning environment.

Get all the notes prepared by professionals!

The whole study material and curriculum is well-thought and designed by the expert team at NIEL. Not only this, multiple doubt sessions are conducted so that you can clear all your doubts related to the course and the study material.

Regular performance measurements to ensure your growth!

With the regular mock tests and competitions, NIEL ensures to give you the desired amount of exposure and measures your performance. Moreover, there are also extra classes for people who wish to go through a particular lesson once more.

A cooperative, trained and well-behaved staff help you learn English!

Whether you enrol for a public speaking course, English trainer training course, personality development course or learn English, NIEL equips you with everything needed to succeed!

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