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1 Day Program
Positive & Spiritual
Parenting Course
A child is possibly life's Greatest Miracle, Raising one is Possibly Life's Greatest Challenge But Fear Not Help is At Hand.

Basic Spiritual Parenting Program

Confused about whether spiritual parenting is worth it or not? Encourage the participation of your kids in the community and give them a sense of belongingness. Positive and spiritual parenting course is centered around nurturing good relationships to improve the health, mood, and well-being of kids and boost their life expectancy. Experts believe that children who are raised with Positive & Spiritual Parenting are less likely to use abusive language, and less depressed and their adapting power is also different. Raising spiritual kids to ensure that your children are happy and optimistic even when they grow up.

Spiritual Kids Are Happier

Don’t rely on toys & chocolates for your kid's happiness. Beliefs and thinking are vital in raising happy children. Both faith and hope level up the mood of your children and help them believe in themself.

Spiritual Kids Are Healthier

Spirituality is beneficial for both mental and physical health growth. Make sure that spiritual children have the ability to make healthier choices in life. They know why and how to stay away from unhealthy behaviors. There are fewer chances that spiritual children commit any crime, smoke, or drink.

Spirituality Builds Self-Esteem and Positivity In Kids

Spirituality is the only thing that encourages participation of your kids in social activity and offers them a sense of belongingness. They become expert & manageable even in the case of making relationships.

Spiritual Strength Help in Overcome Hardships

No one has an idea about what will happen in the future. Right? This is why it is important to prepare your child from now on! Spiritual strength will help your child to deal with difficult situations without any extra effort.

Allow your child to build lasting memories in their life!

Inculcate spirituality in your child that will help them to stay happier, emotionally strong, and well-balanced individuals.Enrol in our Positive & Spiritual Parenting Program today!

Be your kid's right educator with the best parenting counseling!

Going The NIEL Way

Brighten up your kid's life with NIEL’s Positive Spiritual Parenting!

Want to develop positive & spiritual children in today's growing world but are concerned about the right platform?

Don’t worry! Our course is here to help!

  • Parent craft classes that no other can offer
  • Focus on making parenting more exciting & enjoyable for kids
  • Make your children's lives easier, happier, enjoyable, as well as stress-free
  • Top techniques & strategies about how to be a more joyous & spiritual-minded parent.
Get Started With Our Positive & Spiritual Parenting Program

Get Enroll In Our Extraordinary Parenting Workshop!

NIEL institution put a different step in providing Positive & Spiritual Parenting. With over 29 years of experience, we have a well-tutor, highly skilled & experienced team.

What makes NIEL different from others? We teach all positive factors of life to children practically that help them to understand the spiritual virtues such as kindness, patience, honesty, compassion, generosity, etc.

Our tutors explain the whole abstract concept with examples for their better understanding.

Highlights of our Positive & Spiritual Parenting Program

Niels Parenting Workshop Empowers The Parents To,

  • Develop child's self-confidence
  • Recognize children's stages of development
  • To make your child successful
  • Foster harmony between siblings
  • Guide the child to do cooperate
  • Respond positively & constructively to misbehavior
  • Give choices with Direction

Positive & Spiritual Parenting Program

The right partner is the right tool for the bright future of your child!

This is where NIEL’s Positive and Spiritual Parental guidance comes in!

Our top-rated Spiritual Parenting is responsible for raising children with strong and healthy emotions.

NIEL’s training allows your child to develop desired emotional strength to deal with life’s tough and difficult situations.

With our Spiritual Parenting, you can trust that your child will never be attacked by depression.

Every parent wants their child to be successful in life. That's why we have done proper research to start our workshop, and will tell all the best parenting techniques about how children can achieve success in life.

The advanced English fluency program aims at brushing up your overall communication skills. The course focuses on your verbal, non-verbal, and vocal skills. So that you will not stay behind your competitors.

It is being noticed that spiritual children enjoy life more fullest as compared to unspiritual ones.

With NIEL spirituality, your child will be able to have lots of fun no matter what the situation is.

Developing and boosting life expectancy is essential but it can become easier with our Spirituality and positive parenting workshop. Your child will learn the tactic of maintaining good relationships.

Positive & Spiritual Parenting Course Methodology

Simple process for the powerful foundation of children!

We know the process should be simple for children, therefore, we have designed the whole Course methodology very simple.

  • Guide for the role of Parents in a child life
  • Analyze the working of the child's mind
  • Examine the Child's learning power
  • Age of children
  • Understanding the reason children behave in such a way
  • Stages of development

The Parenting Workshop empowers the parents to

  • Build child's self esteem & self confidence
  • Recognize children's stages of development.
  • Foster harmony between siblings.
  • Motivate child to co-operate
  • Respond positively & constructively to misbehavior.
  • Teach Children not only the skills of earning bread but living a good life also.
  • Give choices with Direction.

Spiritual Parenting More Than They Deserve

NIELs provide the ability for your child to learn spiritual values with abstract concepts. They guide your children to make better choices in life and stay away from unhealthy behaviors.

Keep this point in mind that having the right tutor is also necessary because they know the whole process of teaching your kid in an excellent way.

Skills you will get from Positive & Spiritual Parenting Program

Boost sociality among your kids
Strengthen Emotional Health
Promote general well-being
Collective understanding of personal responsibilities
Enjoy Life to the Full
Become Successful in Life
Knowledge of good and bad things

Explain the right path to your child, and empower them to be a better person.

NIEL's workshop cultivates self-development, self-control, and self-actualization. Allow your child to develop intelligence (IQ), emotional intelligence (EQ), and spiritual intelligence (SQ)” with us!

How can NIEL help?

Be the educator your child needs and deserves!

Communicate Practicality

Niel teaches kids practically the practical nature of spiritual virtues like politeness, kindness, compassion, patience, honesty, etc. Also, explain how these spiritual virtues keep them out of rejection and also with internal troubles like guilt.

Explain Concepts With Examples

Our team of professionals knows that it is difficult to understand abstract concepts. This is why we focus on explaining spiritual values to children with examples.

Incorporate In Daily Life

We believe in daily or regular practice for overall wellness. Regular practicing can improve emotions or inspire healthy coping.

Children and teens raised with NIEL's spiritual practices are more likely to live better and healthier lifestyles. Now is your child’s turn!

frequently asked questions

Spiritual development is a term that refers to “the process of developing the intrinsic human capacity for self-esteem in which the self is embedded in something higher than the self.” To achieve comprehensive growth in children, it is vital to nurture their spirituality from a young age.

Being a parent one has to face all the challenges. And we have to respect the need for privacy and independence. Encouraging, responsive, setting an example, setting boundaries, and interactive are all parenting skills.

A successful parent wants his child to lead a successful life. They assist in modeling the right techniques to let them grow both personally and professionally.

Basically, we cover several skills; they are listed below-

  • Developing knowledge & Value
  • Boost sociality among your kids
  • Strengthen Emotional Health
  • Promote general well-being
  • Collective understanding of personal responsibilities
  • Enjoy Life to the Full
  • Become Successful in Life
  • Smart Goal setting
  • Knowledge of good and bad things

Raising spiritual kids with NIEL will make sure that your child will stay happy, enjoy life, and be optimistic even when they grow up.

Yes, being a top-rated Positive & Spiritual Parenting trainer we believe in practical training. We know that kids grab things more quickly practically.

With the help of spiritual development, kids can learn several skills and know how to set goals, and also know the differences between people.

Spiritual development includes teaching kids values like compassion, genuineness, honesty, trustworthiness, kindness, and sacrifice.

Health care providers can assist you to support parents' spiritual requirements via actions and words that demonstrate a caring presence.

We follow simple steps in your training including Communicate Practicality, Explain Concepts With Examples, Incorporate In Daily Life, and more.