Dedicated Fluency Development Program is the most popular spoken English course at NIEL
English Fluency Program – 3 Months
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Fluent English Speaking Course

Around 4% of conversations in English come from Non-native speakers!

Certainly, English is spoken everywhere in the world. There is no doubt that it has become a common language for communication. Well, in that case learning English has become important for everyone.

Easier to learn

English" the language of opportunities" is easy to learn by individuals. Wondering how? English is similar to many other languages which makes it quite easy for non-native speakers to master it.

Expands Brain Power

Learning English opens a lot of other learning opportunities as well. Being a common language, it is almost used in all the universities and colleges and mastering it will open doors for those institutions for you.

Makes Travel Easier

Learning the English language makes your travel experiences better and more fun. It makes it easy for you to communicate with the people around you.

Better Interactions With Workforce

You can now interact more freely with your workforce by learning English. Get a stronghold of the common business language and phrases used to exchange knowledge with your workforce more confidently.

Fastrack your English skills with our fluent English speaking course!

Learn from the experts and professional trainers and master real-life situations in English. With improved pronunciation and enhanced vocabulary, get out there in public with confidence!

Going The NIEL Way

Grab all the opportunities that you have missed because of your inarticulate English skills!

Finding opportunities to speak in English is not as easy as it seems. At the same time, this is also a fact that you may have missed many opportunities because of your inarticulate English!

  • No more missing out on opportunities to speak English
  • Get a much-needed push with a fluent English speaking course for people who just need a little push
  • Be more confident while speaking English
  • Make conversations easy by learning all the fluency phrases
  • Get better access to the recorded sessions
  • Learn from special classes if necessary
Get Started With Our Fluent English Speaking Course

Express your ideas and thoughts with updated and new vocabulary!

Providing the ultimate and comprehensive English fluency course, NIEL enables people to become better and more fluent English speakers.

Backed by the experience of 29 years, the team at NIEL ensures to follow a result-oriented approach and pays attention to the requirements of each student.

With experienced trainers like Mr Rajesh Rana and Trisha Rana and a well-designed curriculum, learning English has been made more accessible and exciting than ever.

Highlights of Our Fluent English Speaking Course

Clocking Your Needs With The Right Click!

  • sentence formation and framing
  • Proper use of prepositions
  • Advanced grammar concepts
  • Motivational seminars
  • Interview skills
  • Jam sessions
  • Time Management
  • Fluency drills
  • Error correction and detection.

Fluent English Speaking Course

A well-designed 3-module fluent English speaking course!

The very first module of the course deals with brushing up your grammar concepts and widening your vocabulary. This module of the course explains to you how to speak English fluently by reforming your sentence structures.

It will give you a glimpse of all the important concepts of grammar including nouns, pronouns, adjectives and more and teach you how to make better word choices.

The next most important module of this course works on enhancing your communication skills. With multiple group discussions, Jam sessions and stage exposures, this module teaches you how to speak confidently in public without mumbling or forgetting.

Master the skill of presenting yourself in front of other people by the end of this module. This module works on your overall personality development including how to appear for interviews, how to speak in public and how to manage your time. This module enhances your overall confidence and personal presentation.

Our Fluent English Speaking Course Methodology

Considering all the aspects of a student’s overall personality, NIEL experts have designed the fluent English speaking course!

The course majorly works in three modules. One of which is completely dedicated to grammar and the others work on your personality development and communications skills.

  • All you have to do is to reach out to the team via email, contact form on the website, or telephone depending on your convenience.
  • The team will get in touch with you immediately.
  • The team first analysis your English levels
  • It will then suggest a course that will suit the best for you.
Grammar Brush up & Vocabulary Building
  • Grammar Range
  • Mastery in framing effective sentences
  • Effective use of Prepositions, Conjunctions.
  • Error detection & correction
  • Quick View Of Important Grammar Topics
  • Mouth gymnastic & fluency drills

Communication Skills
  • Mastery in G.Ds
  • Body Language
  • JAM Sessions
  • Stage Exposure
  • Confidence Building Activities
  • Hosting & Role Plays
  • Soft Skills
Personality Development
  • Psycho- Spiritual Training Sessions
  • Verbal, Vocal & Non-Verbal Skills
  • Motivational Seminars
  • Leadership Skills
  • Presentation & Public Speaking Skills
  • Self management
  • Interview Skills
  • Time management

Take your English to the next height

The fluent English speaking course by NIEL does not only work on your English skills but also enhances your overall personality. The experts understand and analyse the weak points of each student and focus on them to ensure good results.

With the interactive and impressive input of our experts on grammar, pronunciation and other topics, NIEL ensures that no student is left behind.

With frequent mock tests and doubt sessions conducted, the team analyses the performance and progress of each student.

Skills You Will Get From Our Fluent English Speaking Course

The basic spoken English course is for all!

Interview skills
Management skills
Time management
Body language
Gesture and postures
Fluency drills & mouth gymnastics
Overview of crucial grammar skills
Latest & enhanced pronunciation
Non-verbal and verbal skills

Start Learning English Fluency Program From Us Now.

Become more confident while speaking English with our multiple group discussions, soft skills and presentations!

Get benefits from all the exclusive English fluency exercises and courses by registering with NIEL.

How can NIEL help?

With your fluent English, Shine in every situation!

Multiple Doubt Sessions

NIEL experts conduct multiple doubt sessions for students to clear their doubts regarding any subject or concept. This gives a chance to students to revise and understand certain topics again and learn something new.

Industry-Standard Curriculum

Sticking to the old curriculum and methods is not just the thing for NIEL. Experts modify the curriculum and training methods as per the requirements of the industry to ensure results.

Recorded Sessions

Even if you miss out on any of your sessions, you can always take help from the recorded sessions available on the website. These recorded sessions are updated with the latest sessions conducted by the experts.

Regular Performance Analysis

Students have to appear for weekly assignments and mock tests frequently. On the basis of these weekly assignments and mock tests, experts analyse the current situation and performance of students.

Level up your position at work with the world’s English experts! Enrol today and start your fluent English speaking course with NIEL.

frequently asked questions

The fluent English speaking course comprises different modules consisting of advanced grammar concepts, communication skills, and personality development.

NIEL experts have an experience of over 29 years of this field and ensure to give personal attention to the needs of every student. With well-built study material and interactive sessions, learning is made a lot easier.

The duration of NIEL’s English fluency course is only 90 hours or simply 3 months.

No, NIEL does not offer any kind of certificate at the end of your course.

To join the fluent English speaking course, you can contact the team via website or telephone on the contact details provided. The team will reach out to you to decide the further information about the course.

To speak English fluently, you need to practice it more often. If you do not have enough time to practice the language, you can also enrol in the course by NIEL and enhance your English.

Yes, you can learn to speak English fluently in 3 months through the course offered by NIEL. With multiple practice sessions and doubt sessions, you can become a fluent speaker in just 90 hours.

To determine your English levels, you can simply take an online test. It is a must for you to check your English level to ensure that you choose the right course for you.

It completely depends on your learning style and capabilities. However, to suit your style and capabilities, the experts at NIEL will choose a suitable course for you.

To begin learning English, you will first have to enrol in the classes. The course duration will start from the day you will complete the registration process.