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Your personality is your own responsibility. Own it, Protect it & live it

Enhance your Effectiveness Course

If you don’t have a good personality, will you be able to perform well in your career?

Well, the answer is, no!
Positive body language and presentation skills will help you to achieve them. It will play a significant role in your day-to-day professional and personal life. So don't stay behind! Be Industry ready for the corporate world with positive body language. Get multiple job opportunities both in India or in a foreign country by having a good personality.

Make Yourself Industry Ready

Your body language and presentation skills make you industry ready. If you have positive body language and good presentation skills, then you will be able to crack a lot of interviews in the industry in which you are looking for a job.

Boost Your Confidence

A lot of people get nervous when they are told to express themself in front of others because of stage fright. It is the stage fright that makes them nervous and anxious at that time due to which they miss some good opportunities. So, if you boost your confidence, then you will be able to handle stage fright and nervousness while performing in front of others.

Handling Stress

We all are working in our day-to-day life and facing a lot of stress. But, if we work on personality development, then we will be able to handle the daily stress that we face every day.

Overcome Fear of Rejection

At some stage, we are not able to perform well because of the fear of rejection. But what if you have overcome the fear of rejection? Through personality development, we all can overcome the fear of rejection in our life.

Looking For A Specialized Personality Development Program?

If yes, then NIEL’s Enhance Your Effectiveness Course is for you!

Going The NIEL Way

Good Personality is the Need for Professional Life!

NIEL’s Personality Development Program helps build your self-confidence, handle stress, overcome the fear of rejection and much more!

  • Ability to perform in front of others without any hesitations.
  • Increase productivity in your life.
  • Removing Negativity.
  • Learning Business Etiquettes.
  • Learning the art of Addressing the audience.
  • Knowing about Why personality development is important.
  • Boost your Self-confidence
  • Knowledge about Professional Body Language.
Get Started With Our Enhance Your Effectiveness Course

Get Trained By Our Best Personality Development Trainers.

Learn About Body Language in Communication with our Personality Development Classes Online!

Being in the industry with more than 29 years of experience. We at NIEL offer a top-notch range of courses designed to help students improve their personality, body language, and English speaking skills.

All our trainers have been trained by professional experts. They help the students in achieving their goals.

You might be thinking that why should you enroll at NIEL for this program? Right.

We at NIEL have the best trainers for the personality development program who will help you in boosting confidence and motivate you for learning new skills.

To provide students with an environment where they can express themselves without any fear, and learn new skills, this course is just the right one for them!

We are on a journey to create a community of learners who value diversity and respect each other.

Highlights of Our Enhance Your Effectiveness Course

Right personality attracts the right opportunities!

  • Learning about Positive Body Language
  • Regular debates to improve your speaking skills
  • Learn how to introduce yourself
  • Get the sense of dressing
  • Learning Life Skills
  • Importance of Presentation Skills
  • One to One and Group Communications
  • Learn to handle stage fright
  • Learning about the Art of Addressing the audience
  • Overcome the fear of rejection

Enhance Your Effectiveness Course

Learn about Body Language with Our Personality Development Program.

We at NIEL cover the whole speaking skills of the students, so that they can learn about speaking in debates, preparing a speech, knowing how to create humor and audience interest while performing in front of others, and much more. Our trainers help the students in enhancing their speaking skills, so that they can gain benefits from it in their professional and personal life.

Your body language matters very much when you are communicating and performing in front of anyone. If you have positive body language, then there will be more chances of getting good feedback from your recruiters and other people. So, our trainers help you in telling positive body language along with posture, eye contact, and gesture

Your life skills impact your professional life. We at NIEL will help you in removing the negativity of the students. Our trainers teach them how to handle stress and do more productive work in their life.

We all are working on our personalities, so that we can build our businesses or grow them. For this speaking skills, and business etiquette matters very much. Our trainers help the student in knowing about business etiquette which will be helping them in achieving their goals.

Enhance Your Effectiveness Course Methodology

We have the Best Personality Development Trainer to train you!

You no longer have to stay behind anyone. Lead a successful journey with a strong personality through our personality development program.

  • Enroll in our platform by signing up.
  • Our team will contact you.
  • The trainers will assess you.
  • Your classes will be scheduled.
  • Assignments will be provided for your practice.

Your Personality Matters To Others!

The Advanced Personality Development Program is designed especially for all groups of ages whether they are adults, students, teenagers, professionals, and job seekers.

We designed this course after a lot of discussions, meetings, and taking help from subject experts. This course will cover every portion and topic which are necessary for your personality development.

We help you make the difference in your life!

Skills You Will Get From Enhance Your Effectiveness Course

Positive Body Language
Life Skills
Boosting Self-confidence
Presentation Skills

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How can NIEL help?

We at NIEL have the best personality development trainers who will work hard to get a better version of yourself.

Our Trainers Know That A Great Personality Lies Within You!

Learning Different Skills

After completion of the course, you will get to see a lot of new and improved skills within yourself. We will be developing your speaking skills, life skills, body language, etc to make the best of you. Because of all of these skills, you will be able to get more job opportunities at different companies.

Doubt Solving

Our trainers make sure that every student has solved their doubts and they are not facing any problems with the new learnings of the course.


On successful completion of this course in the duration specified, we will issue a certificate to all our students.

Speaking Skills

After completion of the course, you will get confident with your speaking skills. Through your speaking skills, you will be able to get more job opportunities in your professional life.

Start Learning Effective Presentation Skills From Us Now!

frequently asked questions

Developing skills in yourself is not hard if you get the proper guidance.

The positive body language tells about the positive mindset and confidence that you have and whether it will be good for the organization or not.

There are a lot of benefits of boosting self-confidence:

  • helps you in achieving the goal
  • perform in front of others without any hesitations
  • overcome the fear of rejection

Don’t worry, we record every session of our class. You can easily get it from us.

The trainers who are training you for the respective course will solve your doubt.

Yes, all of our trainers are subject experts and certified.

We will guide you, so that you will be able to handle the stress in all the situations.

To illustrate their talk, presentation skills help students create innovative and interesting slides.

We have experience of more than 29 years in this field. We have a long journey to go.

Yes, we provide online classes but it will be better for you to join our offline classes.