4 Days Training Program For Job Seeker
Campus To Corporate
Your bag is going to get transformed into a briefcase & your casual attire into business attire. Its time to think like a professional.

Your Book Bag Is Going To Get Transformed Into A Briefcase & Your Casual Attire Into Business Attire, It's Time To Think Like A Professional.

Campus to Corporate

Did you know that over 90% of the decisions on who to bring back for a 2nd interview are made in the first 2 minutes ?

First impression is crucial during a job interview. They are looking for individuals who will be an asset to the organization. Organizations will judge students on their appearance, their attitude, their social skills, their personality, their communication skills & their understanding of basic business etiquette.

NIEL is committed to the development of youth. We deliver knowledge and skills required for the students to enhance their employability and to effectively take on their corporate life and personal life.

Campus to corporate program builds the confidence to face the interviews, to win the GDs, to make a crisp presentation and develop habits that would make you proactive.

Life skills and business skills are seamlessly woven into the program that softens the landing into the challenging corporate world.

The key focus of the campus to corporate training programs will have to include the below areas to make students corporate ready.

Objectives of the course :

  • To develop self-confidence to perform & produce.
  • To understand the strength and weakness.
  • To learn the art of building interpersonal relationships.
  • To develop the skills of business communication and presantations.
  • Aligning the goals with the organization’s vision.
  • To understand & develop working in a team.

Major topics covered :

  • Evaluation parameters of GD & PI.
  • Preparations of Resume & Autobiography.
  • Building of confidence and Positive Attitude
  • Verbal and Non-verbal communication.
  • Controlling stress, fear and nervousness.
  • Mock GDs and Mock Interviews .
  • Grooming & business manners.
  • Goal setting & goal getting.
  • Personality development .
  • Action plan
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