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Business English Module
Are you finding it difficult to express in your profession.

Business English Program

Overcome the business communication challenges with fluent business English!

Increases Engagement

Communicating in a common language makes meetings and presentations more engaging. Interacting with your colleagues becomes a lot more interactive and interesting in a common language.

Increases Productivity

Speaking a common language that every person in your organization speaks makes the workflow a lot smoother. The employees will be able to understand the tasks well and implement them.

Enhances Negotiating Confidence

Be confident and effective while communicating with your business partners and make your negotiations turn in your favour. Listen to what they are saying and make them understand your points easily to achieve the goal.

Increases Connection With Employees

Knowing your employees and communicating with them is the perfect way to take your business to higher levels. Learn business English and vocabulary to interact with them in the language of business.

Make the right impression in your business meetings and presentation with on-point business vocabulary and etiquette!

Register for the NIEL’s business English course to master it in very less time!

Going The NIEL Way

NIEL is a spoken English centre where mastering a language is the heart of everything. With a competitive and professional environment, it ensures that you spend your days learning with us.

The business English course by NIEL deals with multiple aspects of:

  • Grooming your personality
  • Enhance your public speaking skills with specific speaking practices
  • Preparing for interviews, meetings, and presentations, and face rejections
  • keeping a positive attitude.
  • Learn how to keep a positive attitude in every situation
  • Impress your bosses and colleagues with your sense of dressing up and manners
Getting Started

Develop English speaking brevity and correct sentence framing!

The learning process at NIEL is beyond just teachers, lectures and books. NIEL works on multiple other aspects of learning including your learning objectives, your goals, enhancing your personality, and improving the learning environment for you. Moulding the processes to cater to your requirements, the team offers you ultimate learning experiences.

Course Highlights

A course perfectly curated for corporate employees!

  • Multiple debates and impromptu speaking sessions.
  • Enhancing personal and professional relationships.
  • Creative communication
  • Developing a presentation
  • Personal grooming and manners
  • Addressing audience
  • Improved body language.

Spoken English Course For All!

The industry-centric curriculum designed to offer workplace excellence!

The module deals with building your self-confidence and enables you to face the world and the public without any anxiousness and anxiety.

Learn how to address your audience the right way and the art to deliver relaxed and effective speeches.

Charm your audience with impressive presentations without any jargon. Also, you will learn how to make and deliver business presentations and create a lasting impression.

Master the techniques of creating and improving your PPTs and presentation skills. Get used to the right body language to deliver and present audio-visual aids to your audience.

Course Methodology

Sign up for the business English course in a few steps!

Enrolling on the NIEL’s business course is easier than ever.

  • Send a query to the support team of NIEL via the contact form, telephone or email.
  • Communicate your needs and requirements with the representative.
  • Choose the course that fits your requirements
  • Choose the recorded sessions as per your requirements
  • Enrol in the course.

Take Your Business English To The Next Height

Business English is a lot different from regular English when it comes to vocabulary, addressing the audience, writing emails and other things. Therefore, learning business English is very important if you want to succeed in your workplace.

With that being said, NIEL has comprehensive and effective business English and communication for all the working professionals out there.

The course deals with multiple modules that work on improving your personality and help you formally present yourself in public.

From clearing your interviews to getting promoted to handling rejections, this business English course will help you in every way possible.

Skills You Will Get

Becoming stage friendly
Voice modulation and culture
Designing and delivering a presentation
Presentation preparation techniques
Incorporating positive attitude
Business etiquettes
Enhancing personality

Get access to a wide range of interactive exercises to become better at English for business communication.

Contact our experts and choose the course that suits you!

How can NIEL help?

It’s all about making a difference with passionate and experienced experts!

Join the NIEL community and learn Business English in the way to climb the ladder of success. There is no way you will deny joining our online business English speaking course.

Competitive Environment

At NIEL, the batch size is smaller and therefore, gives a perfect chance to experts to analyse the performance of each student. This creates a competitive environment in classes and motivates students to do better.

Weekly Assignments

Analysing and ensuring that everyone is progressing is our top priority. NIEL experts design weekly assignments based on the whole week’s curriculum to ensure the progress of each student.

Personalized Feedbacks

Unbiased and well-analysed feedbacks to all the students are a part of our curriculum. After analysing your performance, we provide you with personalized feedback to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Experienced Trainers

All our faculty hold a considerable amount of experience in teaching the English language and providing personality development courses. The experts ensure to give their input in all the activities and design curriculums.

Become more accurate and fluent in Business English speaking and writing with the guidance of experts!

Enrol today in the business English and communication course with NIEL and take a step towards success!

frequently asked questions

Fluent English is of utmost importance when it comes to business presentations, meetings and more. Therefore, to communicate better at the workplace, it is important to learn business English.

NIEL’s business English course works on different aspects to groom up your personality in the best possible way. It consists of some crucial modules like specific speaking skills, business etiquette, learning to use video and audio aids and more.

You can check out different business English practices available online. If not, you can also learn spoken English online with the help of video lessons available with NIEL.

NIEL delivers the English for business communication course in offline mode. However, if you can not attend the offline classes, you can always access the online recorded videos available.

With NIEL, you can directly interact and learn from the experts themselves. The batch size is kept small so that the experts can pay equal attention to each student and ensure that no one is left behind.

There are multiple levels of English varying from A1 to C1. However, when it comes to business English, the level is considered B1 which is an intermediate level.

The basic difference between regular English and business English is their area of use. Regular English is used for daily conversations whereas, business English deals with the grammar and vocabulary used in business English conversations.

To decide on the best business English course for you, you need to make sure that you know your goals and requirements. You can reach out to the support team of NIEL and they will listen to your requirements and then suggest a course.

To contact the team, you can simply visit the NIEL website and fill out the contact form. Other than this, you can also email or call the team, whatever suits you.

In case you have missed any of your classes, you can always access the recorded sessions available and learn spoken English online. Other than this, you can also clear your doubts and understand concepts in the doubt sessions conducted.