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NIEL English Speaking Institute in Faridabad has been making people confident & fluent in English since 1993. We offer you result oriented courses making you corporate & life ready.

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Yes, you read it right! With NIEL’s English speaking course, you can now improve your English in only 90 hours.

The English course introduces you to essential concepts like grammar, pronunciation, everyday communication, vocabulary and much more.

NIEL’s adopted approach encourages students to participate more in the activities to groom them in all the practical ways possible including correct speech delivery, personal behaviour, telephone manners and etiquette.

Each class comes with new learning and teachings for each student which makes the classes more interesting for each of them!

The very first step towards your dream to immigrate abroad is to clear the IELTS exam. The exam simply tests if your English levels are as per the International standards or not.

On the basis of your performance, you will be evaluated between 1-9. To help you get that 9 on your IELTS test, NIEL offers you a comprehensive IELTS course of 4 weeks.

We help you perform with confidence in your test by improving all your skills. The team will provide you with every latest resource and material you need to perform like a star in your test.

Most people make the mistake of treating the traits of a person as his personality. Where our characteristics make us different from people, our personality enhances our traits.

How you respond to a certain situation, how you behave in a social setting and much more define your personality.

To enhance your personality and help you blend with new people and change occurring around you, NIEL offers complete personality development training for you.

Starting from the basics to advanced concepts, the personality development course covers all!

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Take a successful step toward corporate life with NIEL!

What do you think is the key to a successful interview? If you are thinking it’s your knowledge, there is nothing wrong with it!

But the catch is knowing how to deliver your knowledge confidently plays a major role in the success of your interviews. To make the right first impression on your interviewer, NIEL offers a complete corporate training course.

The course covers most of the crucial aspects of training including resume preparation, building self-confidence, learning about interpersonal relationships and a lot more.

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3 Weeks
Expert Guidance
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Get trained by the experts to train people!

Becoming an English-speaking trainer is now a very flourishing career. Now that people are understanding the importance of English, they are enrolling more in English Speaking courses which has increased the demand for English trainers.

At NIEL, we offer you an English trainer program where you can learn from the experts and start your career as an English trainer. From the basics of training to deliver your knowledge, you can learn everything from the expert himself, MR. Rajesh Rana.

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NIEL Advantages & Benefits

  • Trained Faculty
  • Researched Course Material & Modern Equipment.
  • Individual Feedback.
  • Maximum Talk Time.
  • NiEL Certificate.
  • Flexible Class Timings.
  • Live Interaction with classmastes & dedicated trainer
  • Effective Communication Skills.
  • Bombastic Vocabulary and correct pronunciation.
  • Oozing Confidence with positive attitube.
  • Sound Grammar & Impressive Fluency.
  • Life Skills, Assertiveness skills, Leadership Quality.

Becoming NIEL Certified

The ultimate opportunity to get certified by the best in the market!

To provide result-oriented training to all its students, NIEL follows a well-planned curriculum. A systematic and disciplined approach is followed by NIEL to ensure that every module is covered in detail with practical implementation.

Leaving the traditional approaches behind, we teach our students with advanced technologies and approaches. We ensure to upgrade our strategies to provide you with quality knowledge as per the industry standards.

Our courses are designed in a way that caters to all. Whether you are a student, a working professional, a fresher, or immigrating abroad, our curriculum is designed to fulfil the requirements of each of you! You can choose a course that you think will be beneficial for you.

Get the quality of education that you are looking for. Therefore, to provide you with the finest quality education, we have a team of experts. The team pays special attention to the requirements of each student and works on their weak areas to enhance their overall performance.


The most common and easy method to practice English is to start communicating in English with your peers and teachers. You can also start reading English books and magazines and improve your vocabulary and common grammar mistakes. However, if you do not get enough time for practicing English, you can also enrol in an English fluency program with NIEL.

A personality development training program emphasises your professional and personal communication skills. It teaches you about the common postures and gestures that you should carry in a professional setting. It focuses on the overall development of your personality as a whole.

At NIEL, personality development is a dynamic process which works with professionals as well as life requirements.

NIEL has a team of professionals with a proven experience in this field. With its unique approach, the experts will analyse your current level of English and will then explain to you the course of action. Not only this, but with an English-speaking course, you will also learn multiple personality development skills as well.

The IELTS course by NIEL is for those students or professionals who wish to go abroad for further studies or work purposes. The course will also be beneficial for people who wish to show language proficiency for a particular reason. It consists of 4 modules including reading, writing, listening and speaking.

NIEL is popular for its spoken English& personality development course. But, NIEL offers multiple courses for learning the English language, personality development courses, and IELTS courses. As per the present level of the English language, a student can choose the course which is suitable for him.

NIEL majorly offers offline personality development training. However, if you wish to learn personality development skills online, you can access the recorded sessions by our expert teachers.


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What Our Students Have To Say

Coming from a Hindi medium school, I always had issues comprehending others. Then I researched and came across NIEL Institute and immediately enrolled in the English speaking course. After the completion of my course, I am certain that I can read, speak and write English fluently and very well.

Ashish Sharma

Before joining the corporate world, I enrolled in the personality development program by NIEL and it has certainly helped me shine out among others. Moreover, with interactive sessions, I have gained the confidence to speak in front of other people as well.

Abhishek Garg

For me what made NIEL’s course different from other IELTS courses is its approach. The team focused on all the sections of the test equally and conducted doubt sessions during the course. The doubt sessions are certainly a saviour for those who have missed their classes.

Nitesh Verma
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