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Advanced English Fluency Course – 2 Months
VOC Range | Communication Skills | Modulation, Intonation & Pitch | Body language | Handling Anxiety | Motivation | Fluency Drills

Advanced English Fluency Program

In the tech era, you can’t deny the importance of English, also known as the language of opportunities. With a bundle of opportunities at the workplace, you can’t survive for long without knowing the language. We all know that English is the global language and is used as a mode of communication all over the world. But if you don’t know how to speak and write English fluently, then you will be missing a lot of opportunities! Hence, mastering the global language helps you enjoy several perks!

Improve Your Communication Skills

When you are learning any second language like English, then you are learning another way to communicate and present yourself among others both verbally and in writing. English is widely used as a second language, then it will be helping you by targeting a larger audience after learning.

Increase Your Confidence

English is a widely popular and the most used language by foreigners, recruiters, and other persons. So, when you will learn the English language, then you will increase your confidence to give answers in front of them because of your presentation skills. This will be going to make an impact on the recruiter and foreigners in creating a good image for you.

Access To Education Systems in Foreign

We all know that there are a lot of well-known institutions established in the UK, the US, and other foreign countries. The mode of communication which is used there is English. So, if you are fluent in English, then you will be able to pursue your further studies abroad.

More Chances To Clear Interview

Most recruiters prefer communicating in English because they are working at MNCs or with big giants. If you don’t have a proper command of your English skills, then it will be hard for you to take the job at the company.

Learning English is easier than ever!

Looking For A Fluent English Speaking Course Online? Join the NIEL community and master the language of opportunities!

Going The NIEL Way

Our Advanced English Fluency Program helps you reach heights!

We at NIEL Institute provide you access to the best fluent English speaking course online by which you will be able to enhance your communication skills and presentation skills.

In the program, you will get to learn effective presentation skills, communication skills, the art of listening, communication development, personality development, and much more.

  • You will get to learn grammar basics.
  • Usage of complex sentences during communication.
  • Guidance for your personality development
  • Handle anxiety and be confident while answering.
  • Regular Group Discussions and JAM Sessions will be organized during the program.
Getting Started

Enroll with us and reach the plateau of learning English with fluency.

In the Advanced English Fluency Program, we will work on improving your personality by providing you with the best personality development classes which will be given by our best PDP Trainers.

The two-month duration course will equip you with the right knowledge. In this time, you will learn the art of listening because it is very important to learn anything.

Along with it, we will work on increasing the range of vocabulary and grammar through which you will be able to build a powerful vocabulary of English to communicate with others.

You can enroll in the English Grammar Class through which you will be able to develop your communication skill.

By learning this skill, you will get access to verbal, nonverbal, and vocal skills which are very important these days for fluent English.

We have designed the course in a way where you will get regular motivational seminars which will keep you motivated to learn fluent English.

So what are you waiting for?

Join the best fluent English speaking course online!

Course Highlights

Give a powerful start to your professional journey!

  • A wider range of grammar
  • Building a powerful vocabulary
  • Identify error detection and correction
  • Speaking and Art of Listening
  • Building Confidence
  • Group Discussions
  • Getting Fluent with your English

Spoken English Course For All!

Dive into our advanced English course content and learn the nits and grits of the language!

Body language is another important part of communication skills as well as presentation skills. In this course, we will provide you with the proper personality development classes by which you will get to know the proper body language which is required to maintain while communicating with someone.

Communication is the key to interpreting your ideas and thoughts!

The advanced English fluency program aims at brushing up your overall communication skills. The course focuses on your verbal, non-verbal, and vocal skills. So that you will not stay behind your competitors.

This English fluency program focuses on the speaking and art of listening skills of the students. A lot of people work on their speaking skills, however, they don’t work on their art of listening which is very important for them. With this course, you will also get to learn about the art of listening.

A lot of us face anxiety while speaking in front of someone. Through the course highlights, we will work on fixing this problem for you, so that you can easily handle the anxiety you get while communicating in front of someone. It will be easily fixed with the regular Group Discussions and JAM Sessions.

Course Methodology

Learning Made Easy With The Help of Best English Trainers!

  • For enrolling yourself at NIEL, you will only have to follow some simple steps.
  • Visit our website and click on the brochure.
  • Sign up by creating the account.
  • Join the course and get certification after completion

Take your English to the next height with our fluency program!

We focus on building your overall skills and personality. During the whole course, we will help you out with developing your communication and vocabulary skills.

We will be equipping you with the right skills required for professional life such as Body Language, Self-confidence, Handling anxiety, and much more.

Skills You Will Get

The basic spoken English course is for all!

Improving Grammar
Good Art of Listening
Powerful Vocabulary
Improved Presentation Skills
Improved Communication Skills

Start Learning Advanced English From Us Now.

Join NIEL’s best English speaking course to become fluent in English.

How can NIEL help?

Get Industry Ready With Our English Fluency Program designed to cater to your needs!

Professional English Trainers

We at NIEL have the best professional trainers who will train you with advanced English which will help in the near future.

Doubt Solving

Our trainers make sure that every student has solved their doubts and they are not facing any problems with the new learnings of the course. We have the best English trainers who will solve your doubts.

Proper Guidance

We at NIEL guide our students who enrolled for the course. The student lacks proper guidance due to which they are not able to achieve their goals. So, we make sure that it does not happen with them again.

Making You Industry Ready

Once you have completed the course, then you will be ready to enter the industry of your choice.

Join Us today and start your journey towards learning Advanced English!

frequently asked questions

You can sign up on our website to enroll in the available courses. If you are facing any issues, then connect with us through the Contact Us page.

Yes, you will get a certification of advanced English after the successful completion of the course.

You will learn advanced English which will make your communication skills better.

Yes, the program will improve your communication skills as when you start speaking English fluently it will boost your confidence automatically.

Yes, the art of listening is an important skill for everyone.

Yes, body language matters during communication as it reflects how confident you are.

Yes, we hire the best and most certified trainers at our center.

Yes, the advanced English course helps you learn the nits and grits of English Grammar.

The duration of the Advanced English fLuency course is 60 hours.

Yes, we are working in the same field for more than 29 years and have the best trainers who have guided a lot of students regularly.